Roof leaks are a frequent occurrence. If not fixed on time, they can cause serious property damage. It is of the utmost importance to keep your roof in good condition at all times so that you won’t have to worry about potential problems. However, if your roof already sustained damage, then you may want to know if the necessary repairs are covered by your insurance policy.

The easiest way to understand what’s covered and what’s not is to contact your insurance company. Coverage usually depends on several factors such as age of the roof, level of maintenance, etc. However, most insurance policies cover roof damage that has resulted due to unpreventable reasons such as fire or vandalism. Tornadoes and hurricanes are also covered. But, when it comes to hail, rain, or wind, the things get a bit confusing. Most insurance policies state that they cover damage caused by such events; however, they take several factors into account. For instance, if your roof is under 10 years old, then you may be reimbursed for the full cost of repairing the damaged area. If the roof is older, then you may be covered only for a deprecated value of the damaged roof.

When filing a claim, your insurance company may suggest several residential roofing companies that can do the repairs. You should know that you can choose other companies than the ones they suggest. Ramos Roofing is a professional roofing company. We offer quality services for residents in West Valley City, UT and all surrounding areas. Call us at (801) 884-8127 for more details.