How to Find a Qualified Residential Roofing Contractor

Check if the roofing contractor you are thinking of hiring has all the necessary business licenses for your region. If you are unsure of these licenses which are required for roofers within your area, speak to the licensing board for your area or state. You could also go to the Contractor’s Licensing website to determine which licenses are required by certain states.

Check if the contractor or business is legal, by requesting their tax identification number, business address, website or email address, and phone number.

Ask the contractor to show you proof of their insurance, in addition to their worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Not all regions require a roofer to carry insurance; however, you should always hire one who has – this will ensure you are protected against any lawsuits if the roofing contractor gets injured whilst working on your house. Check with the contractor to see if the insurance offers cover for the whole time they will spend on your roofing job.

Ask for references from previous clients; this allows you to find out for yourself if they were happy with the work on their roof. You can research the contractor’s reputation by speaking to your local Better Business Bureau.

Request from your contractor proof which clearly shows they are approved by the roofing manufacturer to work on the roof you chose. Some kinds of roofing could need contractors to get special training, licenses or certificates to ensure the correct installation.

Ask the contractor how many people are going to be working on your roofing project so you will be able to determine how the work will be managed and how long it is going to take to finish. Read the warranty for your project carefully, and check with the roofer about any actions which could void your warranty.

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